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Postcode EH41 4LR

Latitude and longitude

Key areas

Local Authority

Intermediate Zone

Westminster parliamentary constituency

Location within East Lothian Local Authority

Area classifications

Output area classification

Rural residents > 1
Rural tenants > 1B
Rural white-collar workers 1B2

Rural/urban classification

Accessible Rural 6

Secondary areas

Travel to Work Area

Police Force Area

Data Zone

Output area

Health areas

Health Board areas

Other areas

European Electoral Region

S15000001 Scotland INACTIVE

Workplace Zone

Technical details

7 character version of postcode


8 character version of postcode

EH41 4LR

Date introduced

September 2005

Postcode user type

0 - Small user

Grid reference positional quality indicator

1 - within the building of the matched address closest to the postcode mean

OS Easting/Northing

356233, 672263