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Postcode BT16 1YN

Latitude and longitude

Key areas

Westminster parliamentary constituency

Location within Lisburn and Castlereagh Local Authority

Area classifications

Output area classification

Suburbanites > 6
Semi-detached suburbia > 6B
Semi-detached ageing 6B3

Secondary areas

Travel to Work Area

Output area

Health areas

Other areas

European Electoral Region

Workplace Zone

Technical details

7 character version of postcode


8 character version of postcode

BT16 1YN

Date introduced

September 2003

Postcode user type

1 - Large user

Grid reference positional quality indicator

5 - imputed by ONS, by reference to surrounding postcode grid references

OS Easting/Northing

342435, 374540

Northern Ireland postcodes are included based on the Northern Ireland End User Licence. The licence covers internal use of the data. Commercial use may require additional permission.