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Type Areas England Wales Scotland NI Other


Council Areas Scotland
Combined Authorities England
Communities Wales
Country 6 England Wales Scotland NI Channel Islands Isle of Man
County 76 England
Civil Parish Scotland
Greater London Authority England
Local Administrative Units 1 Scotland
Local Administrative Units 2 Scotland
Local Authority 452 England Wales NI
Local Planning Authorities England Wales Scotland NI
Metropolitan Counties England
Civil Parishes England
Footprint Regions for Public Service Collaboration Wales
Region 9 England
Strategic Development Plan Areas Scotland


Ward 15,148 areas England Wales Scotland NI


Built-up Area 5,830 areas England Wales
Built-up Area Sub-division (BUASD) 1,826 England Wales
Census Detailed Characteristics Scotland
Census Local Characteristics Scotland
Census Merged Counties England
Census Merged Local Authority Districts England Wales
Census Merged Wards England Wales
1961 Census Counties
1961 Census Districts
Non-Civil Parished Areas England
1961 Census Parishes
Settlement 2015 NI
1961 Census Wards
Workplace Zone 60,709 England Wales Scotland NI


Enterprise Regions Scotland
Highlands and Islands Enterprise Scotland
Urban Regeneration Companies Scotland


County Electoral Divisions England
District Electoral Areas NI
European Electoral Region 12 England Wales Scotland NI
London Assembly Constituencies England
National Assembly for Wales Constituencies Wales
National Assembly for Wales Electoral Regions Wales
Westminster parliamentary constituency 1,219 England Wales Scotland NI
Scottish Parliamentary Constituencies Scotland
Scottish Parliamentary Regions Scotland


Major Towns and Cities


Cancer Alliances England
Cancer Networks England Wales
Cancer Registries England Wales
Clinical Commissioning Group 230 England
Community Health Partnerships sub-areas Scotland
Community Health Partnerships Scotland
Care Trusts England
Health Board areas Scotland
Integration Authorities Scotland
Integrated Care Systems England
ISD Health Board of Treatment Scotland
Local Health Boards Wales
National Cancer Vanguards England
NHS England Regions England
NHS England (Region, Local Office) England
Primary Care Trust 151 England
Primary Healthcare Directorate Isle of Man
Public Health England Centres England
Public Health England Regions England
Pan Strategic Health Authorities England
Strategic Clinical Networks England
Strategic Health Authorities England Channel Islands Isle of Man
Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships England

Housing and Regeneration

Broad Rental Market Areas Scotland
Regeneration Outcome Areas - Community Planning Partnerships Scotland
Regeneration Outcome Areas - Local Areas Scotland
Regeneration Outcome Agreement Areas - Scotland Scotland


Agricultural Regions Wales
Agricultural Small Areas Wales
Communities First Areas Wales
Community Justice Authorities Scotland
City Regions Wales
Community Safety Partnerships England Wales
Development Corporations England
Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills, WG Wales
Enterprise Zones England
Fire and Rescue Authorities England Wales
Island Groups Scotland
Local Enterprise Partnership 42 England
LEP - non overlapping part England
LEP - overlapping part England
Local Learning and Skills Council areas England
Localities Scotland
Local Resilience Forums England Wales
National Assembly Economic Regions Wales
New Deal for Communities England
Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service NI
Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Areas NI
Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Districts NI
Non-Communities First Areas Wales
Non-National Park Area Wales
Non-Strategic Regeneration Area Wales
National Parks England Wales Scotland
Police Force Area 53 England Wales Scotland NI
Police Force Districts NI
Primary Urban Areas England
Registration Districts England Wales
Registration Sub-district England Wales
Settlements Scotland
Scottish Fire and Rescue Local Senior Officer Areas Scotland
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Scotland
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Delivery Areas Scotland
Scottish Local Resilience Partnerships Scotland
Scottish Marine Regions Scotland
Spatial Plan Areas Wales
Scottish Police Divisions Scotland
Spatial Plan Sub-areas Wales
Strategic Regeneration Areas Wales
Strategic Regeneration Sub-areas Wales
Scottish Regional Resilience Partnerships Scotland
Transport Consortia Areas Wales
Travel to Work Area 430 England Wales Scotland NI
Waste Authorities England

Statistical Building Block

Inner and Outer London England
Intermediate Zones Scotland
Lower Super Output Area 53,630 England Wales Scotland
Middle Super Output Area 7,355 England Wales
Output area 274,932 England Wales Scotland NI
Super Output Areas, Upper Layer Wales


Regional Transport Partnerships Scotland