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Find that Postcode

Add fields to CSV

Add geographical data to a CSV file by looking it up from a postcode column

The file should be separated by commas (,) - not semicolons or tabs) and the first row should contain the column names.

See important note on privacy below

Step 1: Select CSV file

Change file

Files with a large number of rows will cause your browser to slow and may not complete successfully.

Step 2: Select postcode field

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Step 3: Select data to add

Basic fields Code Name
Latitude / Longitude
OS Easting / Northing
Standardised postcode
2011 Output Area Classification (OAC)
2011 Census rural-urban classification
Stats fields
Index of multiple deprivation (2019) rank
Index of multiple deprivation (2019) decile
Index of multiple deprivation (2015) rank
Index of multiple deprivation (2015) decile
Key areas
Country [9]
Region [9]
County [34]
Local Authority [455]
Ward [15,688]
Middle Super Output Area [9,869]
Westminster parliamentary constituency [1,219]
Secondary areas
Travel to Work Area [430]
Police Force Area [53]
Local Enterprise Partnership [62]
Lower Super Output Area [49,093]
Output area [279,469]
National Parks [18]
Health areas
Clinical Commissioning Group [257]
NHS England Regions [10]
Health Board areas [32]
Local Health Boards [31]
Other areas
European Electoral Region [12]
Built-up Area [5,830]
Built-up Area Sub-division (BUASD) [1,826]
Workplace Zone [60,709]

Creating file…


Your file will not leave your own computer and no data from it is directly sent to Find that Postcode.

To protect your privacy this script does not send the postcodes found in your file. Instead a code is created based on the postcode, and this code is sent to Find that Postcode.

This code will correspond to a number of different postcodes (around 30), and all postcodes that match this code are sent back to the browser to be matched.

This provides some level of privacy protection, but in some circumstances it could still be possible to make a reasonable guess as to the postcodes used in the file by looking at the codes requested.

Therefore it is recommended that you think carefully before using this tool with any personal or sensitive data.